General Meeting

In order to inform their shareholders and to involve them in fundamental decisions, corporations, limited partnerships by shares and public European companies hold ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings. Among others, these meetings include supervisory board elections, the election of the annual auditor, dividend payments and procedural rules, but also capital increases, restructuring measures or company mergers.

Not rarely up to 100 decisions are made and voting procedures conducted at a single shareholders’ meeting. Since voting results are often needed immediately as the basis for further decision-making, reliable and sometimes very detailed results must be available quickly, e.g. when simple majorities are not sufficient to reach a decision. Acclamation or manual vote counting do not satisfy these requirements.

Optical mark readers (OMR) and high-performance scanners evaluate great volumes of voting cards in extremely short times. As an option, they can test the voting cards for plausibility, verify them and by means of integrated barcode printing, assign each vote counted to the corresponding card so that the results can be validated if necessary.