Versatile optical mark reader with automatic document feed

OMR 15S is an optical mark reader for high throughput with automatic document feed from a stack as well as the option of manual single-sheet feed. 

OMR 15S handles documents between 75 x 70mm and 320 x 110mm and cards in credit card format. Possible marking grids are 1/4", 1/5" or 1/6".
Depending on the track interval, between 12 and 24 read tracks are possible. As an option the OMR 15S can be equipped with two barcode read heads for automatic barcode detection. OMR 15S is also available solely as a barcode stack reader.

OMR 15S can be cleaned and maintained without tools. Numerous optional features open a broad spectrum of applications for the device so that it can be employed in a variety of uses.

Technical Specifications

Document feeding

  • Manual feed
  • Automatic document adjustment
  • Single output tray
  • Easy maintenance without tools

Form specification

  • Format:min. 75 x 70 mm,
    max. 320 x 110 mm
  • Wheight: 80 – 200 g/m²
  • Quality: OCR acc. bis DIN 66223


  • Optical reading heads redlight
    or infra red
  • 12 to 20-tracks, 1/4", 1/5" und 1/6"
  • Dust-proof and self cleaning
  • Dynamic reading security in case of dirt
  • Insensible against folds and
    „reflecting markings“
  • Multilevelrereading
  • DATAWIN and AXIOME-interface compatibility


  • USB
  • RS232

Mechanical and power values

  • Dimensions: 320 x 165 x 105 mm
  • Weight: 4,3 kg
  • Ambient temperature: +10°C bis 40°C
  • Relative humidity: 40 - 60%,
    condensation free
  • Integrated power supply 110V–250V AC,
    Output 12C DC, 40W

Control panel

  • 2Status-LED


  • CE, VDE 0805/5.90, VDE 0871-B
  • ISO9001-2008 certified production


  • Optical barcode reading head

This reader is a discontinued model and only sold as spares for already exisiting systems