Vote counting in the Bavarian Parliament

All laws valid in the Free State of Bavaria are enacted in the Bavarian Parliament at its seat in the Maximilianeum in Munich. About 190 delegates debate over and then decide on the laws of Bavaria.

Initial situation
When voting is conducted by name, special voting cards are used. A barcode is applied to these credit card-sized voting cards on which the representative’s vote and ID are coded. As soon as all the ballots have been cast, the voting cards are read in and evaluated. The device that was previously used gave rise to technical problems. It was an elaborate and time-consuming process to subsequently process voting cards that had not been read in. Moreover, the voting cards always had to be inserted in the same direction during reading in, because the barcode could only be read at a particular position.

Project aims
The result of a voting process must be available within a matter of minutes. The counting must therefore proceed in a stable and reliable manner. During the reading in of the voting cards, easy handling of the device and maximum clarity of the evaluation software are of the utmost importance.

Project description
As early as the product presentation, the DATAWIN reader convincingly demonstrated its simple operation. So that in the future the voting cards no longer need pre-sorting nor timeconsuming alignment, an additional modification of the reader was made within the scope of a brief development phase. By the integration of two barcode read heads for the front and back sides of the cards, the barcode can be recorded independent of the position of the card. Thus the insertion of the plastic cards that are used here is fast and
uncomplicated. In order to be able to read the voting cards quickly and without problems in spite of the greater thickness of the material, the transport mechanism was adapted to the dimensions and the weight of the cards. Up to 60 cards per minute can thus be processed by the device.

Besides this, special software was developed by DATAWIN GmbH for the evaluation process. In the form of a validation test, the program checks for possible duplicates or defective cards. As a result of this customized overall solution, it was possible to shorten the processing time for a voting procedure in the Bavarian Parliament by up to 50%.

Hubert Kohl, associate in the Office of Information and Communication: “The product convinced us. We are very satisfied with the order processing and with the customer proximity of DATAWIN GmbH.”