DATAWIN with headquarters in Ergolding near Landshut has been developing, designing and manufacturing customized high-end scanners and optical mark readers as well as their components as subproducts. Both in series production and according to customer-specific requirements. Exclusively in Germany. For over 30 years.

The data capturing solutions of DATAWIN are in use throughout the world and across various sectors. They are implemented in all applications in which large amounts of paper-based information are to be converted into digital information quickly and reliably, to be evaluated and/or sorted: e.g. in elections, polling and multiple choice surveys, in document archiving, in the recording of wage data, incoming mail and betting slips as well as for documentation in the healthcare sector and quality management.

DATAWIN subsidiary companies

In the development, designing, manufacturing and marketing of its high-end scanners and optical mark readers DATAWIN is supported by its four subsidiaries:

BAP Image Systems GmbH with seat in Ergolding and Texas/USA delivers know-how in the imaging sector. Since the year 2000, the 100% DATAWIN subsidiary has been developing and manufacturing products and solutions for the high-speed recording and processing of color and grayscale image data. BAP’s hardware and software technology supports numerous high-speed applications worldwide: among others in governmental and administrative fields, in medicine and science, in banking and printing systems, in the automation branch, in quality management as well as in industry. 
Further information is available at www.bapimaging.com.

InoTec GmbH Organisationssysteme with seat in Wölfersheim optimizes the business procedures of its customers worldwide with highly reliable document scanners and, with its SCAMAX® series, it complements DATAWIN's range of series products. The scanners of the 100% DATAWIN subsidiary are all "made in Germany" and are implemented, among others, in the insurance and taxation sectors, healthcare or in logistics. 
Further information is available at www.inotec.eu.

The Swiss company AXIOME Alpha SA with seat in Corcelles develops, manufactures and markets its scanners, optical mark readers, handheld barcode readers and handheld RF/ID terminals along with the respective software worldwide. In addition, the 100% DATAWIN subsidiary supports the international marketing of DATAWIN products. 
Further information is available at www.axiome.ch.

M&N Solutions GmbH with seat in Ergolding offers its customers and its mother company over 30 years of experience in the realm of mobile data acquisition. The solutions of the 100% DATAWIN subsidiary are to be found in the areas of logistics, transportation and production – especially in applications in which customized specifications necessitate particularly flexible software and hardware as well as integration into existing IT environments. 
Further information is available at www.mn-solutions.de.

DATAWIN belongs to the expanded business corporation DATAGROUP, one of Germany’s leading IT service providers.