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Who we are


We make documents digital.

At DATAWIN, we develop, design and manufacture customer-specific high-volume document scanners, optical mark readers and special paper-processing machines, as well as their components as sub-products. For over 30 years. Exclusively in Germany. And since 2010 as a niche world market leader.

Our document and data capture solutions are 100 percent produced at our company headquarters in Ergolding near Landshut. They are used worldwide and across all industries. They find application wherever large volumes of paper-based information need to be quickly and reliably captured, digitized, evaluated and sorted:

In elections and voting, in multiple choice applications, in document archiving, in wage data and incoming mail capture, for betting slip capture, and for documentation in healthcare or quality management.


For our customers and partners we are supplier, service provider, business enabler as well as OEM and development partner. Our international customer base includes state and national governments, public authorities and administrations, election service providers and research institutes, digitization and archiving service providers, banks and financial institutions, universities and colleges, clinics, hospitals and laboratories, betting providers as well as companies from a wide range of sectors and industries. For them, we ensure worldwide service of our equipment.

DATAWIN is one of three brands of DATAWIN GmbH.

Our team

Our team consists of engineers, technicians, designers, skilled workers, marketing experts and industrial and administrative assistants. Within our group of companies, we draw on a contingent of over 100 highly qualified employees – including some of the most experienced scanner and imaging experts in the world. You will find your first contact persons from management, development, sales, service and back office below.


Johannes Boerboom

CEO and Partner

Johannes Boerboom​


Steffen Unmuth

Chief Commercial Officer

Benjamin Meyer

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Januszewicz

Managing Director USA

Our history

DATAWIN GmbH is founded in 1991 in Landshut by Peter Schrittenlocher, Ernst Wendleder and DATAPEC Gmbh (today DATAGROUP SE). Initially, the entrepreneurial focus is on the sale of document readers. However, the increasing worldwide demand for automated document capture and the suboptimal performance of existing readers soon motivates DATAWIN’s founders to develop and produce their own devices. Their goal: to offer users worldwide high-quality, user-friendly high-performance OMR and first-class service. For this, DATAWIN cooperates with the renowned OMR expert and IT pioneer Paul Bauer and his engineering office in Ergolding. After years of successful cooperation, the two companies are merged to DATAWIN GmbH in 2005. DATAWIN subsequently acquires further companies: Among others, the Swiss competitor Axiome Alpha SA – whose name can still be found in the DATAWIN product range today – and the Frankfurt-based M&N Solutions GmbH. In 2008, DATAWIN, already successful in Germany, achieves its international breakthrough when one of the world’s largest election service providers commissions the development, design and manufacture of a customized election scanner series. Further major orders follow and DATAWIN rises overnight to become the niche world market leader for application and customer-specific document scanners and OMR. In 2015, Johannes Boerboom strengthens DATAWIN’s management team and becomes a co-partner. Two years later, DATAWIN acquires long-time imaging partner and supplier BAP Image Systems, and then German competitor InoTec in 2019. Today, DATAWIN GmbH with its brands DATAWIN, InoTec and BAPIS is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of OMR and document scanners in the premium segment as well as of customized imaging solutions.

Head of Development

Tomek Bialecki

Head of R&D

Sebastian Blümel

Head of Project Management

Thomas Stock

Head of Mechanical Engineering

Torsten Geist

Head of Electrical Engineering

Lukasz Palczynski

Head of Software Development

Sales Team

Frank Schuler

Sales Manager DACH

Sebastian Brack

Sales Manager Europe

Gerhard Weinfurtner

Sales Manager International

Melanie Völbel

Back Office / Order Handling

Andrea Labermeyer

Back Office / Order Handling

Pre- & Aftersales, Support

Klaus Brinner

Sales Consultant / Software Support

Paul Schubert

Sales Consultant

Peter Faber

Sales Consultant

Administration & Organization

Ute Hofmann

Backoffice InoTec

Elsbeth Schlögl


Jens Bergmann


Julia Rothermel

Purchasing & Backoffice

Valerie Heavey


Tim Weinhold


Team Leaders

P. Schwinghammer

Parts production

Bartosch Bielich


Timo Hahn

Assembly InoTec

Jens Zerb

Head of Service


Thomas Waldeck

Sven Becker

André Dietermann

Rüdiger Gruner

Laura Debes

Jakob Kollmeder

Stefan Seisenberger

Thomas Rödger

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