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Scanner and OMR consulting

Scanner and OMR consulting

Benefit from the know-how and experience of the world market leader.

Mastering paper is an art. Especially when it comes in thousands, millions or millions and millions of copies and needs to be reliably scanned, sorted and evaluated.

At DATAWIN, we have over 30 years of experience in paper handling, imaging, mark capture and digitization – and some of the world’s most recognized scanning and OMR experts in our ranks.We share this experience and expertise with you.

We can advise you on issues related to mechanics, optomechanics, electronics, programming, design, materials and manufacturing, and create custom-fit solutions for your specific needs: whether you need to scan, sort, separate, or evaluate documents and forms – or all of the above.

As the world market leader for customized document scanners and OMR, we help you control your paper volume and transfer paper-bound information to the digital world quickly, securely and without loss.

When it comes to handling paper, experience is everything. Especially when individual requirements have to be met, such as specific throughputs, legally prescribed process steps or defined user experiences. Here we draw on a wealth of experience that is unique worldwide – and yet we never stop learning.

Peter Schrittenlocher, DATAWIN Managing Director

Your bridge between the paper and digital worlds

Securely process letters, ballot papers, voting cards, betting slips, protocols, multiple choice sheets and much more by machine.

Is a standard product sufficient to handle your paper volume? Does it require minor adjustments? Or do you need a special application-specific development? Let us help you find out. Based on a detailed requirements analysis.

Detailed requirements analysis

How can you capture, sort and evaluate your paper-based documents and forms in a resource-efficient and reliable way? To answer this question in a profound way, one thing above all is necessary: countless other questions. Even those that you may not even have on your mind yet. We ask these questions and thus guarantee that a complete requirements profile for your scanning, sorting or evaluation solution is created. To do this, we take a close look at your business, your location, your processes, any legal requirements and, above all, your documents and forms. We look closely. We listen carefully. And we dig deeper until we have fully understood your challenge.

Customized solution concept

Once we know your exact requirements profile, we work with you to develop a custom-fit solution. Often, one of our basic devices can already provide everything you want to do with your documents and records. Or minor modifications and adaptations to hardware or software are sufficient to meet your specific requirements in the best possible way. If not, we will completely rethink your custom-fit scanning or OMR solution and design and manufacture a custom paper handling device for you that can give you a sustainable competitive advantage or even create and sustain new business models.

Consultation on mechanics, optomechanics, electronics, software & firmware, design, materials and manufacturing

Document scanners and OMR are complex high-tech devices that combine a wide variety of technical components: from highly sensitive cameras to mechanical switches and powerful image processing boards. Bringing these different components into precise interaction requires a wide range of expertise. That’s why our team includes experts in mechanics, optomechanics, electronics, software & firmware, design, materials and manufacturing. This allows us to provide true specialist advice on any scanner and OMR question, no matter how specific.


Your document capture is not performing optimally, but you can’t explain why? We can. Our experts will examine your scanning and OMR solution and identify weaknesses and potential for improvement, both at the hardware and software level. Based on this, we submit suitable solution proposals to you, always making sure that our solutions can be implemented in a resource-friendly and future-proof manner and solve your challenges in the long term.

Scan, sort and evaluate large quantities of paper?

Scan, sort and evaluate large quantities of paper? We can advise you with over 30 years of experience. Call now!

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