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Made in Germany

Customized scanners and OMR from Germany

Made in Germany. For your safety.

In document management, high-quality hardware is not an end in itself. It is the guarantee for safe and resource-efficient processes. For excellent results and low overall operating costs. And for maximum product longevity and investment security. In short: high-quality hardware is a competitve edge.

To render your scanning, sorting and evaluation processes as efficient, secure and sustainable as possible, that is our promise to you. And the demand we place on ourselves.

Why have we been achieving that for more than 30 years now?
Because our focus is on quality. Always. And unconditionally. That applies to our scanners and OMR. That applies to our service. And that also applies to our employees.

Does that make us the best in our branch?
We don’t ask ourselves this question. What we do ask ourselves daily is this: what can we do today to make your document management more efficient, safer and still more sustainable tomorrow. For that is what quality means for us. And safety for you.

‘Made in Germany’ is more than merely a promise of quality. It is a guarantee of security for our customers and partners, a guarantee that is economic, organizational and procedural. And not leastly ethical.

Johannes Boerboom, DATAWIN CEO

Our product quality:
Made in Germany

Whether hardware or software, whether scanner or optical mark reader: our products are 100 percent Made in Germany.

We design and manufacture them exclusively at our company headquarters in Ergolding – many of them starting from the raw materials. We procure parts and components that we do not produce within our corporate group from certified suppliers via inner-European supply chains. Thus high-precision quality devices emerge in the best possible German engineering tradition: just document scanners and OMR Made in Germany. Our high level of vertical integration thereby enables us to maintain consistent quality control in all stages of production.

Our development quality:
Ingenious excellence

Quality development must precede the quality product: this is also carried out exclusively at our company headquarters in Ergolding. Whereby we not only concentrate here on superlative performance, robust design free of wearing parts or holding maintenance expenses to a minimum;
as innovation leader in the branch we optimize the service life of our scanners and OMR by means of intelligent development.

Our consulting quality:
More than 30 years of experience

Our medium-sized company was founded in 1991; for more than 30 years now we have been holding our own against international corporations and setting first-class products against supposedly more reasonably priced mass-produced goods.

Why does that work out? Because we are good at what we do. Because we know more about resource-efficient and sustainable document management than most of our competitors. And because we share this knowledge unconditionally with our customers and partners.

Our employees – from development through sales – are among the most competent and experienced scanner and OMR experts in the world. We place this expertise at your disposal.

Our service quality:
Experts on the phone or on site

If a company purchases a production scanner, it has enormous amounts of documents to cope with. And if that is the case, it cannot afford to sustain longer downtimes. We therefore make sure that, if the case should arise, you receive competent help in the shortest possible time: be it on the phone or on site at your company.

We not only operate with helpdesks or external hotlines. With our support system, you actually talk to our technicians, developers or to our development management. And thanks to our location in the heart of Europe and to our inner-European supply chains, either one of our employees or an appropriate spare part quickly arrives at your site, as required.

Our quality management:
Universally certified

DATAWIN’s development, design, manufacturing, marketing and service have all been certified since 2007 by ISO 9001. This means that the processes and work sequences we have elaborated are suited not only to guarantee the quality of our products and services, but also to continually refine and develop them further in terms of an ongoing improvement process. Our certified risk management enables us to quickly identify and cope with possible risks.

For all quality-relevant activities, this guarantees for you on the one hand, that both those responsible as well as the methods of procedure are unequivocally defined. And on the other hand, that our employees truly live quality orientation on a daily basis.

Our environmental management: Authentic sustainability

Firmly anchored in our canon of values are our aims of handling our planet with care, conserving its resources and elaborating our production processes and services in a sustainable manner: that is why our environmental management will be ISO 14001-certified in 2022. That means that we are aware of our ecological footprint and are constantly working on reducing it.

To do so, we are continually fine-tuning our parameters: we produce in Germany, adhering to the strictest environmental protection regulations. We procure raw materials by means of the shortest possible delivery routes. We construct our scanners and OMR so that they are energy-efficient, long-lasting and free of wearing parts to the greatest possible extent. And we develop smart upgrade and refurbishing concepts to additionally lengthen the service life of our scanners.

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