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8. November 2021


Express archiving of great volumes of confidential documents

For a financial services provider, the DATAWIN HEMERA S high-performance scanner scans and archives over 80,000 confidential documents in just a few hours. The image quality is impressive.

TELIS FINANZ is an autonomous and independent consulting firm with seat in Regensburg. The firm TELIS FINANZ manages over 1,080,000 contracts from the sectors finance, security provisions and assets for its clients.

Initial situation:
Tens of thousands of confidential documents need to be archived quickly

There are more than 850 consultants of TELIS FINANZ are active throughout Germany. If they conclude an insurance contract with a client, the signed insurance policy must be entered in a central system for further processing. The volume of documents to be archived that accumulates sometimes exceeds the capacity of a conventional scanner. Yet since the archiving of the documents is subject to exact time schedules, more powerful archiving methods are needed in these cases.

Project aims:
Express digitization project according to privacy policy

Within 96 hours over 80,000 documents are to be scanned, archived and forwarded to TELIS FINANZ on CDs. Per batch a pdf- file had to be created for being later on classified and archived by Abby FlexiCapture at GWVS mbH (IT-company from TELIS FinancialServicesHolding AG) The original documents are to be recorded 100 per cent loss-free and in prescribed order and subsequently destroyed. The entire process must conform to defined data privacy directives for confidential documents.

Project description:
The HEMERA S high-performance scanner saves the day

Here DATAWIN employs the HEMERA S high-performance scanner in order to adhere to the tight time schedule. The HEMERA S processes per minute both sides of up to 260 documents with a resolution of 300dpi in a single run, thereby tolerating different paper qualities. Before the scanning process, documents stapled together are separated manually. If staples are overlooked, the double document detection feature of the HEMERA S identifies and reports this. In order to not unnecessarily burden the storage capacities of TELIS FINANZ, the rear sides of documents that are not printed or written are detected by the empty page detection feature and automatically deleted. The further processing of the digital documents by means of the text recognition software is guaranteed by the high resolution of 300dpi.

For future archiving projects DATAWIN offers a portable and user-friendly high-performance scanner for independent and thus cost-saving in-house archiving.

Customer testimonial:

„Although our archiving project was quite urgent, DATAWIN left no doubt at any time that all documents would be available to us in digital form on time. DATAWIN was not only able to keep this promise. The high image resolution of the scanner is impressive, and DATAWIN’s service is exemplary! Technically, organizationally and, last but not least, in personal contact.“

Christian Höpfl, Development Manager DMS TELIS FINANZ AG


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