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11. November 2021


Automatic betting slip recording: at the counter and at the terminal

In betting offices, sports betting shops and at racing tracks, certified and licensed betting operators, organizers of sporting bets and bookmakers offer bets on the outcome of many different types of events. The person placing the bet thereby marks the outcome of the sporting event (the game) that he predicts on a betting slip.

A variety of games can thereby be marked on each betting slip so that various traces are present on the slip. Possibilities include among others single bets, combination bets and system bets.

Optical mark readers and high-performance scanners capture completed betting slips

Optical mark readers and high-performance scanners are responsible for carrying out the recording of the betting slips. They are either operated by the personnel at the counter of the betting shop or they are built into terminals into which the better inserts his betting slip and from which he then receives a receipt for the bet he has placed.

Betting terminals, scanners and readers substantially reduce the expenses in terms of time und staff for the betting provider. Their usage in the automated acceptance of sporting bets has proven their worth thousands of times and has been the national and international standard for many years now.

Praxisbeispiel: OMR 19E and 23E – the world’s most widely used readers for machine processing of betting slips

The devices are considered classics in the betting industry, are used thousands of times worldwide and are valued for their high capture and operational reliability. Click here for the case study.


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