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What moves us

What is important to us

We build the bridge between the haptic world and the digital world.

We manufacture excellent document scanners.
That is our business. But that’s not all. Here’s why we do what we do. And what is thereby important to us.

Our mission

We provide our customers with the means to render their digitizing efficient: using scanners and OMR that transfer paper-based information into digital processes, applications and archives swiftly and reliably. The high quality of our products and services guarantees our customers the greatest possible scanning efficiency, error-free follow-up processes and maximum legal certainty thus lending them advantages over their competitors.

Our vision

We supply scanners for a world that is venturing into uncharted territory while still holding on to the tried-and-true. A world that puts emphasis on digitalization, without thereby forgetting social, humanitarian and cultural achievements. We bridge the gap between paper and digital documents thus connecting the most important cultural techniques of the past, the present and the future.

Our values

Our values determine our thinking and our acting. With respect to our customers and partners. Within our team. And as individuals. Neither business relationships nor interpersonal relationships can be reduced to a few catch phrases.
Nevertheless we have defined five central attributes that are particularly important to us. They guide us in our day-to-day operations as well as in our long-term strategy. At InoTec we act:

With respect to our customers, partners and colleagues, we continually strive for long-term business relationships, cooperative alliances and working conditions and we foster these accordingly.

We don’t make fast agreements. But we abide by what we do agree to. Without exception.

We retain complete independence in the development, production and marketing of our scanners. We pledge ourselves exclusively to the quality of our products and services as well as to the success of our customers and partners.

We will never stop improving our scanners and services: for the benefit of the people who use them. And for the benefit of the environment.

WWe think ahead – and not only about what is of concern to us ourselves. Our decisions and actions are always based on economic, social and ecological considerations.

About paper in the digital era

What is our position as scanner and OMR manufacturer

The digital era has long since begun and our society is indeed a digital society: we communicate digitally. We oganize our processes in a digital manner. We produce digital products with digital tools. And we save and express our knowledge digitally: our findings. Our memories. And our ideas about the future. What formerly was our most important medium – paper – has now become a mere relict of bygone days. And its extinction is just a question of time.

This is a widely spread calculation example, which however – caution: play on words – functions at best on paper. In fact, current studies show that paper consumption at companies and public authorities is still on the rise. The reason for this is not an unwillingness to implement digitalization or a refusal to accept progress. It is the peculiar characteristics of paper which make it indispensable for many applications: its extreme durability. Its simple handling. Its ceaseless availability. And its legal sustainability.

In addition, there is another important aspect: the history of mankind and man’s cultural evolution is inseparably linked to paper. Paper is the basis for cultural techniques that are thousands of years old. And paper was always the driving force of our knowledge society. Using paper is thoroughly human. Correspondingly, the treasures of knowledge, art and information stored on paper are enormous – as are those that are still stored there daily. The notion that paper might disappear from our society in a number of years or even generations is utopian.

The digital document will not replace the tangible document. But rather, as its digital equivalent it represents in the meantime an essential extension of paper. With our scanners we bridge the haptic and the digital worlds and enable our customers to utilize the advantages of both worlds. We are the connecting link between paper and digitalization. Are we perhaps positioned between these two worlds? Possibly. But we are in a good position. And we want to remain here for quite a while.

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