Three strong data capturing brands under one roof.

DATAWIN GmbH, based in Ergolding near Landshut, combines the three independent scanner, OMR and imaging brands DATAWIN, InoTec and BAPIS. For its customers, DATAWIN GmbH leverages the synergy potential between its highly specialized brands, while always respecting their independence.

The DATAWIN brand develops, designs and manufactures customer-specific high-volume document scanners, optical mark readers and special paper-processing machines as well as their components as sub-products. The brand’s core competence and focus is on special development and contract development of customized document capture solutions.

The InoTec brand, based in Wölfersheim, Hessen, optimizes the business processes of its customers worldwide with highly reliable production scanners and excellent service. Its SCAMAX® family of production scanners helps governments, government agencies and companies in all industries to scan large volumes of documents productively and securely. They are used where document volumes in the four- to six-figure range need to be handled in a short period of time or on a same-day basis. Or where the annual document volume reaches or exceeds tens of millions.

The BAPIS brand offers its customers from industry and research application-optimized solutions and competent consulting in the fields of imaging and digital control. It develops, designs, manufactures and optimizes hardware, software and firmware that make its customers’ products and applications precise, reliable, efficient and future-proof. Its solutions are used in the fields of digitization and archiving, automation and quality control, and medicine and science.

We make documents digital.
Production Scanners Made in Germany
Innovative Imaging for Industry and Science

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Discover the brands of DATAWIN GmbH

Welcome to DATAWIN, InoTec and BAPIS

InoTec's Power Tower

The SCAMAX® 8×1 surpasses the efficiency of entire scanning lines.

8 Tips: how to find the right production scanner.

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Where BAPIS imaging solutions lead the way

Find out how our customers from industry and science use BAPIS innovative imaging solutions to make their products and applications world leaders.

The SCAMAX® 6x1

InoTec’s throughput sensation for archiving and incoming mail scanning.

BAPIS custom image processing boards

For next level image acquisition.

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