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Scanner and OMR development

Customized Scanner & Optical Mark Recognition

Scan / OMR special developments from the world market leader.

Besondere Geräte für besondere Anforderungen. Wir entwickeln, konstruieren und fertigen kundenspezifische Scanner und OMR – exakt nach Ihren Anforderungen, passgenau für Ihre Zwecke. Auch als Ihr Erstausrüster oder Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Why a special development?

Our basic document scanner and OMR models cover numerous application scenarios. They scan, digitize, sort and evaluate paper of the most varied formats and quality: quickly, securely and reliably.

Nevertheless, there are specific application cases in which a standard device is not the optimal solution: for example, when the devices are to be integrated into a specific process; when exotic document materials are to be transported; when defined performance parameters must be achieved; when rare or new combinations of functions are to be realized; or when fundamentally new functions are required.

In such cases, we support you with customized scanner and OMR special developments, helping you to turn even the most demanding document capture into a real competitive advantage.

Innovation expertise confirmed by Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage

Our special developments optimize demanding document capture processes and support entire business models. For our customers, we are a service provider, business enabler, experienced original equipment manufacturer and reliable OEM partner.

Johannes Boerboom, DATAWIN CEO

How your customized scanner or OMR is created

Our development process is clearly structured, always transparent and leads to first-class results via defined milestones.

  • Initial interview and clarification of the consulting or development task
  • Presentation and discussion of possible solutions
  • Refinement and decision/recommendation of the solution path
  • Creation, adaptation and approval of a requirements specification sheet/statement of work
  • Definition of a project plan and time schedule together with the client
  • Definition of terms and conditions
  • Preparation of a detailed offer and placing of the order by the client
  • Internal kickoff meeting
  • Defining of final components to be used incl. leadtime verification
  • Main development work for electronics and mechanics
  • Coding of firmware and development of test software
  • Service provision in close coordination with the client & presentation of interim results
  • Internal documentation of the project
  • Reworking and upgrade of the interim results
  • Presentation of the final result
  • Verifying of production files
  • Forwarding production files to our manufacturers
  • Internal test runs with the first prototypes
  • Delivery of the prototype and support during its installation
  • Prototype test phase and evaluation
  • Acceptance of the prototype and start of serial production

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