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Scanner and OMR manufacturing

From raw material to finished product

Whether prototype or series product: we manufacture and assemble our scanners and OMR exclusively in-house. With state-of-the-art machines and processes. Absolutely independent. In best Made in Germany quality. And also for third parties.

The highest quality and most elaborate products are created where development, design and manufacturing are united under one roof. That’s why we manufacture and assemble all DATAWIN scanners and optical mark readers ourselves: 100 percent at our Ergolding site, from the first component to the last. In this way, we remain independent and flexible, and retain full control over all production phases and the quality of our components and products at all times.

Part manufacturing, component production and assembly – also for third parties

Our 360° manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art and includes high-performance milling machines, turning centers, automatic lathes and press brakes. Here, qualified specialists precisely manufacture all components for our scanners and OMR. In addition to components for DATAWIN products, we also manufacture on behalf of third parties: individual pieces for prototyping or entire component series for mass production. In this way, we support companies from a wide range of industries in rapid prototyping, as a supplier, or in the short-term expansion of their manufacturing and assembly capacities.

You want to expand your production capacities? You need support at short notice? Or you want to have a prototype built? We manufacture and assemble for you: fast, precisely, Made in Germany.

Johannes Boerboom, DATAWIN CEO

Parts manufacturing - milling & engraving

Whether housings, front panels or plates. Whether large, small or filigree workpieces. We mill, drill and engrave in-house: precisely and efficiently. For third parties, we process aluminum plates and aluminum profiles from thick to thin-walled, steel and spring steel as well as plastics of all kinds.

For this purpose, we work exclusively with German quality CNC milling machines:

  • Milling machine DATRON M8Cube (3 pieces)
    This precision milling machine offers all possibilities for milling, drilling and engraving. It is ideal for machining high-tech materials with particularly small tools (Ø 0.1 mm to 20 mm) as well as for complex 3D milling.
  • Milling machine DATRON M8
    This precision milling machine enables fast machining of aluminum and plastics.
  • Milling machine DATRON M10 Pro
    This versatile high-speed milling machine is ideal for changing batch sizes and high-tech materials and mills even the smallest quantities economically. Its integrated linear measuring system with a resolution of 40 nm guarantees highest precision.

Parts production - bending & folding

We also perform the bending and folding of the metal workpieces of our scanners and OMR exclusively ourselves. In doing so, we achieve the highest angular accuracies and constant bending angles over the entire bending length of all parts. For third parties, we bend and edge aluminum, steel and mild steel quickly and precisely with a pressing force of up to 500kN. We also manufacture asymmetrical workpieces and round bends.

For this purpose, we work exclusively with first-class bending technology:

  • AMADA HFE M2 5012 press brake
    This flexible precision press brake with electronic angle measuring device, back gauge and ECO drive system is versatile and guarantees highest angular accuracies and constant bending angles.

Parts production - turning

With our automatic turning machines with main spindles in the high speed range and tool turrets with twelve VDI30 tool holders, we are able to produce even unusual 3-dimensional workpieces quickly and in large quantities: e.g. rotary bearings, adjusting ring screws, sliding bushings, cable bushings, sealing buttons or freewheel cores. For third parties, we turn workpieces for general mechanical engineering, medical technology, materials technology and fastening technology, among others, but also hydraulic components and pneumatic components.

For this purpose, we work exclusively with premium CNC lathes:

  • Turning center EMCO EMCOTURN E45 (2 pieces)
    This CNC turning center is suitable for precise machining of chuck, shaft and bar parts.


We assemble DATAWIN document scanners and marking document readers 100 percent in-house at our company headquarters in Ergolding and Wölfersheim, both in small and large series. The assembly is carried out exclusively by experienced specialists.

Our precise assembly services are based on SAP-based purchasing and production planning, structured warehousing, precisely defined assembly processes and an elaborate test system consisting of interim tests, running tests, final tests and endurance tests. At the end of each assembly there is thorough cleaning and careful packaging of the fully assembled equipment.

We also provide assembly services for third parties: especially for prototype construction, but also for small and large series. We assemble basic mechanics, mechanical parts, electronic parts and other components for general mechanical engineering, medical technology and automotive, among others.

Series production

We produce both DATAWIN document scanners and optical mark readers and the devices of our OEM partners in small and large series: from raw material to finished product, 100 percent Made in Germany. In this way, we retain full control over the quality of our processes, components, parts and end products at every stage of production.

We procure our raw materials via secure domestic supply chains and stock them in a structured warehouse. This ensures us and our customers maximum availability, absolute adherence to delivery dates and flexibility for short-term requirements and express projects.

If necessary, we are able to ramp up our production capacities in the minimum of time. We also make our small and large series production available to third parties: be it for the manufacture of components and parts or complete product series.

Expand production capacities? Manufacture prototypes?

We manufacture and assemble for you. Fast and precisely. Call now!

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