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9. November 2021


Special development sorts documents and prepares enveloping

Der HEMERA M trennt Gehaltsabrechnungen, Briefe und Dokumente maschinell, mandantenabhängig und datenschutzgerecht anhand von Vorgaben in OR Code, Barcode oder Text. Aus einer Sonderentwicklung wird ein Serienprodukt.

The company rcDDM GmbH – a former T-Systems subsidiary with seat in Weingarten, Baden-Württemberg – ranks among Germany’s market leaders in digital and classical document management. For its approximately 150 clients from the areas of industry, trade and public administration, rcDDM GmbH as full service provider, records, compiles, manages and sends out very different types of documents, thus enabling its customers modern and flexible B2B and B2C communication – physically and electronically. The services of rcDDM GmbH extend from the processing of incoming mail and scan service detection across typing and archiving, up to printing, enveloping and dispatching of the documents.

Initial situation:
Händisches Sortieren birgt Fehlerpotenzial

Next to major enterprises and corporate groups, rcDDM GmbH also serves medium-sized companies, among others in document output management. Since the comparatively slight document volume of these companies usually does not warrant the use of large-scale printing/folding/enveloping lines, the documents were sorted, bundled, folded and enveloped manually up to now. That functioned quite well in practice. Nevertheless, a process in which human beings occupy such a central role remains prone to errors, at least theoretically. A situation that data protectionists regarded with suspicion and occasionally criticized: for an incorrectly sent document – e.g. a payslip in the wrong envelope – ultimately represents a disaster from the standpoint of data protection.

Project aims:
Automatisierte und datenschutzgerechte Vorbereitung der händischen Kuvertierung

In order to render the risks in connection with data security more controllable, rcDDM GmbH ordered DATAWIN GmbH to develop a client separator that would automate the preparation of the documents for manual enveloping pursuant to data protection demands and thus prevent a document from reaching the false addressee. Focus was therefore not placed on the sorting speed but rather on maximum sorting security – with particularly user- friendly guidance. Since the sorted documents would arrive directly at the site of the end customer, the matter of the paper transport was to be solved in an especially careful manner. Additional requirements on the new development were to be a password- protected control system and operation of the client separator as well as the documentation of all the user entries and device- internal procedures by means of Logfile.

Project description:
DATAWIN entwickelt Mandantenseparierer, der Dokumente zuverlässig trennt

In close collaboration with rcDDM and within 6 months time, DATAWIN developed a prototype that fulfilled all the requirements. The client separator handles up to 5,000 documents per hour that it automatically draws in from stacks of up to 1,000 documents. The documents to be bundled for a particular shipment are reliably recognized on the basis of parameters in QR code, barcode or text and separated by colored paper slips dependent upon the addressee and in a manner that is gentle in handling the paper. The colored paper slips are of a different format from the documents to be enveloped. The device thereby recognizes faulty documents (e.g. double documents, empty pages, documents in the wrong sequence, defective barcodes, etc.) and outputs them in a separate sorting tray informing the user via touch-screen monitor of the type of fault and adequate corrective measures. Since there is always only one document in a run, the assignment of error message to the defective document is always unequivocal. Besides sorting and bundling the documents for each recipient, the device also prepares and prints out the respective address labels via an integrated printer. Another use of the client separator: at the press of a button it becomes a batch scanner with a capacity of 1,000 sheets.

Because of its convincing performance together with its multifaceted application scenarios, the client separator was included in DATAWIN’s series portfolio as the HEMERA M.

Egon Birnböck, Manager Sales & Service rcDDM GmbH


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