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9. November 2021


Development of reliable hardware for recording and evaluation of betting slips

The OMR 19E and OMR 23E are the world’s most widely used readers for machine processing of betting slips in betting shops. Both at the counter and at the terminal.

The cooperation between the firm Booxware Software Systems GmbH with headquarters in Karlsruhe-Durlach and DATAWIN GmbH has existed since 2008. Booxware designs sport bets software and is an exclusive outfitter for betting agencies, among which the most successful betting providers in Germany and Europe are numbered. Booxware has been collaborating successfully with its final customer Tipico since 2004.

Tipico was founded in 2004 and within the space of a few years it has developed into the leading private provider of sport bets. In the Federal Republic of Germany alone Tipico has over 850 sales points and approx. 400 additional shops in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus and Denmark. Tipico offers over 9,000 events with a variety of types of bets and combination possibilities every week. Tipico has advertising partnerships with Oliver Kahn as well as FC Bayern München, RB Leipzig, the German Soccer League and ARD Sportschau.

Initial situation:
A big brother for the classic betting slip reader

At a Tipico sales point there are several ways to place a bet, among these, at the counter or at a terminal. At the counter the person placing the bet first of all marks the outcome of the event that he predicts on a betting slip. The slip is then read manually by an optical mark document reader and evaluated. Then the better pays and receives a receipt.

At the counter Tipico employs the DATAWIN OMR 19E. The device is regarded as a classic in the betting sector, it is in use a thousand times over world-wide and is esteemed because of its great recording and operating reliability.

Project aims:
Development of a betting slip reader for integration in terminals

Development of an OMR document reader for integration in terminals. Software, interfaces and documents of the terminal devices are to be adapted to correspond to the proven counter devices (DATAWIN OMR 19E), in order to simplify the handling of the bets for the partners, betting customers and employees. The slot readers are to operate just as reliably respecting recording and as disturbance-free as the DATAWIN counter devices.

Project description:
The OMR 23E becomes an instant classic in the betting office

DATAWIN designs, develops and manufactures the built-in device DATAWIN OMR 23E. The built-in optical mark reader is exactly aligned to the dimensions of the Tipico terminals and 100% compatible to the DATAWIN OMR 19E counter mark reader. Up to now a total of about 300 specimens of the DATAWIN OMR 23E have been delivered to Booxware and integrated into the terminals on site.

Customer testimonial:

„For business in our subsidiaries the high availability of our optical mark readers is of eminent importance. We are therefore very satisfied that with the DATAWIN OMR 23E we now have a terminal device available that is equal to our DATAWIN counter devices in quality and reliability. The compatibility of the devices simplifies the handling both for our customers and for our employees.“

Dimitry Völkle, Marketing and Sales Manager Booxware


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