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8. November 2021


Exam evaluation at Munich University of Applied Sciences

A DATAWIN OMR special development including evaluation software reduces the correction time of multiple choice exams at Munich University of Applied Sciences many times over. The professors are thrilled.

The University of Munich is the largest university for Applied Sciences in the Free State of Bavaria and one of the largest of its kind in Germany. Approximately 500 professors, 660 employees and scientific assistants as well as approx. 750 associate lecturers are responsible for nearly 16,000 students.

Initial situation:
Thousands of exams, enormous correction effort, high time pressure

The growing number of students represents a severe test for German universities. This in turn brings with it a greater work load for the professors, especially when correcting the examinations at the end of each semester. Since the students are dependent upon the prompt publication of their grades, the examinations must usually be corrected under enormous time pressure.

Project aims:
Automatic test evaluation

It ought to be possible to make test results available quickly and reliably with the aid of a mechanical evaluation system. The findings therefrom must then be directly imported into the database of the university.

Project description:
OMR special development with evaluation software

Even before the OMR 200S was procured, an older, predecessor model from DATAWIN was used in evaluating the examinations. Since examinations are always conducted at the same time at the end of a semester, huge volumes of evaluations must be handled in a short time. It is therefore very important that the processing of the test forms can be effected quickly and easily. In addition, reliable operation must be assured, since the failure of a device during the testing period would lead to substantial delays.

For each grade the distribution of the scoring can be entered individually in the delivered evaluation software. Instructions that are easily under-standable with many helpful tips guide the user step by step through the program. Besides the test results, documentation can be prepared and provided to each student showing the scores he achieved, the required number of points and additionally, the distribution on the grading scale that was used.

Customer testimonial:

„I am fascinated at how quickly the device operates. The entire structure of the device is very sturdy and its mechanical systems are outstanding. Particularly the ‘student report’ is a successful supplementary function.(…) An examination administered to 220 participating students would require about 12 hours of correction work. With the aid of the device from the firm DATAWIN this takes merely 2 hours, including the entering of the grades in the university’s IT system.“

Professor Florian Klug, Professor of Business Administration at the University of Munich – Hochschule München


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