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9. November 2021


Two Bavarian Hidden Champions are Pooling their Strengths: DATAWIN takes over BAP Image Systems GmbH

With the acquisition of its longterm partner and supplier BAP Image Systems, the data capturing specialist DATAWIN is increasing its production depth to nearly 100 percent. BAP Image Systems is expanding its portfolio to include customer-specific mechanical solutions and components.

Ergolding, near Munich, October 17, 2017. The Bavarian medium-sized company and specialist for data capturing DATAWIN has taken over its longterm partner and supplier BAP Image Systems GmbH with seat in Erlangen as well as its affiliate BAP Image Systems, LLC with seat in Fort Worth, Texas (USA). Whereas the acquisition of the BAP companies is allowing DATAWIN to further increase the manufacturing depth of its production scanners and to gain speed and flexibility, BAP customers will profit in the future from the scanner know-how of the new BAP mother company as well as from a CEO succession settled at the onset.

The company founder and owner up to now, Dr. Peter Bonk (66), will remain Executive Director of the BAP mother company and its affiliate. Starting immediately the BAP management board will be enhanced by Johannes Boerboom (35), who has belonged to the DATAWIN management since 2015, together with Peter Schrittenlocher (69) and Max H. H. Schaber (62).

Dr.-Ing. Peter Bonk:

„Incorporation in DATAWIN GmbH is a gain for all the companies involved. It will especially benefit our customers. In particular, it guarantees our BAP regular customers and partners continuity for decades. Besides, BAP will obtain sector know-how, mechanical and electronic competence and last but not least, manpower and financial strength: after all, behind DATAWIN GmbH is DATAGROUP, one of Germany’s leading IT service providers.“

Johannes Boerboom:

„For years now, BAP has been an important and reliable partner and supplier for DATAWIN. The imaging and processing technology of BAP is to be found in our most successful developments and products. To know that BAP is now not only at our side but rather within our ranks is a good feeling and will make us still faster and more self-sufficient in developing, designing and manufacturing our components and devices. I am looking forward to working together with the excellent development teams at all the BAP locations. In the future, in addition to superb image processing products and solutions, we can also offer BAP’s present and new customers DATAWIN’s expertise resulting from over 30 years of experience in special machine construction and data acquisition.“

Along with the takeover of the BAP companies by DATAWIN, all jobs will be maintained. As 100% subsidiaries of DATAWIN GmbH, both BAP Image Systems GmbH and BAP Image Systems, LLC will continue to remain independent brands. Other autonomous DATAWIN subsidiaries are the German firm M&N Solutions GmbH and the Swiss firm AXIOME Alpha SA.

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For over 30 years, DATAWIN with seat in Ergolding near Munich has been developing, designing and manufacturing customized high-end scanners and optical mark readers as well as their components as subproducts: both in series production and according to customer-specific requirements. The products of DATAWIN and its Swiss subsidiary AXIOME ALPHA SA are used worldwide among others in elections, polling and multiple choice tests, in the recording of betting slips and document archiving as well as in quality management and in the healthcare sector. In 2012 and in 2016 the ballots and absentee ballots for the US presidential election were counted with the aid of DATAWIN’s specially developed DS850. DATAWIN is certified according to the European quality standard ISO 9001:2015 and belongs to the DATAGROUP corporation, one of the leading IT service providers in Germany. Further information is available at

About BAP Image Systems GmbH und BAP Image Systems, LLC
BAP Image Systems with seat in Erlangen and BAP Image Systems with seat in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, have been designing and manufacturing products and solutions for the high-speed acquisition and processing of color and gray scale image data since the year 2000. BAP’s hardware and software technology supports numerous high-speed applications worldwide: among others in governmental and administrative areas, in medicine and science, in banking and printing, in the field of automation, in quality management as well as in industrial sectors. BAP is among the leading developers and suppliers of technologies for color and gray scale cameras, based both on high-speed line sensors (CCDs, CMOS, CIS) and on surface sensors. BAP‘s line scan cameras with CXP (CoaXPress) output are certified by the JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association). BAP Image Systems GmbH and BAP Image Systems, LLC are companies belonging to DATAWIN GmbH of the DATAGROUP corporation. Further information is available at


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