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9. November 2021


Bavarian state parliament uses barcode readers from DATAWIN for votes

Voting results available in less than 3 minutes.

Ergolding, August 03, 2011. In the future, the Bavarian State Parliament will determine the results of parliamentary votes using barcode readers from data capturing specialist DATAWIN. Every roll call vote is processed via this and delivers the resolution result in a matter of minutes.

Each of the 187 members of the state parliament uses special voting cards for roll call votes in the state parliament. The cards, which are the size of credit cards, are provided with a barcode in which the vote of the elected representative is encoded. As soon as all votes have been cast, the voting cards are scanned and immediately evaluated by the barcode reader. The result of the vote is thus available in less than three minutes.

The Bavarian State Parliament already has many years of experience with the electronic evaluation of state parliament votes. However, the device previously used was technically outdated. Therefore, the Landtag decided to use two barcode readers from DATAWIN. Thanks to their special software, these are not only reliable and fast in determining results, but are also convenient for the parliamentary staff to operate thanks to batch processing and a double-sided reading device.
convenient to operate.

The two devices are now being adapted to the special needs of the Landtag and will start work immediately after the parliamentary recess.


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